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Procter & Gamble to Make Iconic Brands with Wind Power

"When I reflect on OwnEnergy, three words come to mind immediately: professional, progressive and positive.I have come into contact with many people in the wind industry, most all of those connections were quite good, however, I am truly impressed with OwnEnergy. From the first person I met, to the last one I talked to, each person on the OE team is respectful, full of excitement and extremely knowledgeable of their part of the industry. It is great to work with people that follow through. Their enthusiasm is genuine, their intent sincere, and their results are measureable. The wind industry is on the cutting edge of technology; OwnEnergy’s business style is also progressive. They understand how to tap people and projects’ potential through open dialogue, positive affirmations and the like. As we leave behind old technology, let go of old ways of thinking, and embrace a new paradigm of operating, we create a world worth leaving to our grandkids. OwnEnergy understands this intuitively, produces sound economic plans, and is leading the way. We are most grateful to be a part of their extended family."

Dhan James

Local Partner, Blue Cloud Wind Farm
South Dakota

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