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A National Energy Developer with Local Resources

OwnEnergy is the national leader in mid-sized wind energy development.  We partner with energy entrepreneurs across the country to develop 30-100 MW wind energy projects.  Our local partners are leading members of wind-rich communities who play an active role in project development and receive a share of project ownership in return.

We have a national network of projects under development with our local partners in wind-rich areas around the country. These energy entrepreneurs not only invest their hard-earned capital in the projects we jointly develop, but they also serve as the front line of OwnEnergy’s development team and work on a wide range of local development issues. At OwnEnergy, we pair that local knowledge and connection with our vast energy development experience and expertise to drive projects to completion. In this way, OwnEnergy plays a major role in providing innovative energy solutions that make wind power feasible and economical at the community scale.

OwnEnergy’s breakthrough approach to project development dramatically reduces the costs and risks associated with project development while increasing turnaround time and profitability. In the process, we are cultivating a nationwide network of local champions and arming them with the skill set to develop community scale energy projects at the local level.

The completion and subsequent sale of six of our projects, totaling 240 MW, is the ultimate measure of the power of our development approach. In addition, our executive team’s leadership at the upper echelons of the wind industry makes us a formidable player in America’s most successful renewable energy industry. That national presence, along with local resources complemented by our team of experienced employees, has given OwnEnergy a reputation that is second-to-none as a reliable and trustworthy developer. In short, we believe in what we’re doing, we do it well and, in turn, our stakeholders believe in us.

Our Approach and Strategy

OwnEnergy creates a one team approach with each of our community scale wind projects. Our in-house capabilities in the areas of feasibility assessment, wind turbine siting and optimization, wind resource assessment, permitting, interconnection, commercial contracting, finance and construction management enable our team to optimize wind development in even the most complicated settings. OwnEnergy’s approach of collaborating with communities and siting at low-risk points of interconnection appeals to our utility and commercial customers. This collaborative process ensures that our projects are well planned and designed to meet or exceed the standards of all our project stakeholders, be they communities, customers, regulators or financiers.

OwnEnergy Highlights

Our approach takes much of the risk out of project development to ensure that goals are met efficiently, economically, and with minimal friction.

  • Mid-sized projects are a growth segment of our ever-growing industry
  • Medium-sized projects mean easier grid interconnects
  • Local ownership mitigates NIMBY concerns
  • Mid-sized wind provides generation to underserved off-takers with smaller appetites
  • Our outsized investment in local people and communities means more local economic benefit
  • Our network of local partners throughout the country provides the backbone for our growth strategy