Corporate Citizenship

Meaningful relationships between business and society are at the heart of OwnEnergy’s mission, which includes a shared goal of building a cleaner world for tomorrow. Corporate citizenship plays a central role in all aspects of our business – from the offices where we work to the staff we hire and the organizations we support.

The Planet has been good to us.

To demonstrate our gratitude, we are committed to enriching the communities where we live and work. The nature of our business is to make a difference in the world by producing clean, renewable energy that can help power our lives in the most economical, environmentally and socially responsible ways possible. At OwnEnergy, we attribute much of our success to the opportunities we encounter in the confluence of economic, environmental, and social forces. Approaching these opportunities responsibly is the lifeblood of our corporate culture.


Our main objective is to create long-term value for our investors, employees, local partners, communities, partner organizations, and customers by installing clean, safe, and economic wind farms that enrich our communities. Environment We are committed to responsible environmental stewardship while striving to meet the increasing demand for wind power. Whether it’s buying wind power to offset our corporate energy use, volunteer environmental work we perform in the community, or our sustainable office and business practices, we are constantly looking for ways to practice what we preach in ‘going green’.


At OwnEnergy, we work to build strong relationships with communities and organizations by respecting their concerns and supporting community development as we grow our business and corporate partnerships.

In the last few years the OwnEnergy team has volunteered as a group to paint green rooftops, package donated food for distribution, cook meals for the elderly ,clean-up and landscape city parks, just to name a few.

Our Sustainability Initiative

As we work to make our own operations more sustainable, we also want to empower our customers, affiliates, and corporate partners to live more sustainably. Here is a snapshot of some of the ways that we are practicing and promoting sustainable practices in our lives and business operations:

  • Use of eco-friendly office supplies
  • Paper goods made from recycled paper
  • Employ an environmentally friendly office cleaning service company
  • Environmental cleanups and volunteer events Glasses and silverware instead of plastic cups etc.
  • Reduce travel by utilizing Skype/ telephone for meetings
  • Commute to office using public transportation
  • Carbonfund members with 72 tons of carbon from corporate travel offset to date
  • The first wind developer to be a member of WindMade, certifying that our product is made from renewable energy

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