Christine Karlovic

Director, Marketing and Communications

Christine joined OwnEnergy in 2007 and is responsible for planning, developing, directing and delivering marketing, communications and branding strategies and solutions.  She leads media strategies to communicate OwnEnergy’s message to both internal and external audiences.  

Partner service is an integral part of OwnEnergy’s core values.  In her communications role, Christine manages partner relations; she acts as a liaison between OwnEnergy’s local partners and OwnEnergy’s development team ensuring that the lines of communication remain open. 

Prior to OwnEnergy, Christine worked at Goldman Sachs in the America’s Special Situation Group with OwnEnergy’s founder, Jacob Susman. Before that, she worked as the Human Resources Representative for Global Equity Sales & Trading at Citigroup, where she served as the primary Human Resource contact for 3,000 plus employees globally.

Christine holds a BA in Business Management from Berkeley College, where she graduated magna cum laude.   She enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, reading and the great outdoors in her spare time.