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How Community Ownership Can Save Wind Power

Community ownership may provide the solution for increasing resistance to wind power in the United States. 

Benefits of Community Wind

Wind Farm Energy Benefits


Ownership is retained in the community and profits are recycled, creating incremental jobs, wages, business income and local pride.


Community wind developers and their financial partners are typically U.S.-based, ensuring profits from these projects are put back into the homeland economy, not shipped overseas.


Increased success rate of community wind projects leads to increased knowledge, awareness and acceptance of wind power, thus reducing public opposition.

According to Community Wind 101: A Primer for Policymakers:

  • Rural landowners are earning $2,000-$10,000 in annual royalties per turbine depending on the level of power production and royalty rate.  Each turbine typically requires a half-acre of land, mostly in access roads. Cows might graze and crops grow right next to wind turbine towers.
  • Each 100 MW generates annual property tax payments of $500,000-$1 million. For rural counties, a wind farm represents a fiscal boost that can finance schools and other public services vital to keeping young people in the community and supporting aging rural populations.
  • Two to five wind energy operations and maintenance jobs are created for each 50-100 MW in capacity, while each megawatt under construction provides 1-2 jobs plus revenues for local businesses.

Potential Economic Impact of 50 MW Project*

  • Could produce 50 to 75 full-time jobs during the construction phase
  • Four or five permanent jobs (on-site) once the farm is up and running
  • $155 million in revenue during operating period (25-yrs)
  • More than $7.3 million in income to farmers and ranchers who lease their land to the project
  • Significant equity remaining in the hands of local owners of the project.

*note that economics vary state to state, county to county and due to so many facets that effect these numbers, the use of this information should be strictly informational.