Steps in Development

Process Schematic <h3>Land Identification & Acquisition</h3><p>IDENTIFY optimal land parcels based on available public information</p><p>SECURE land via option/lease agreement</p> <h3>Environmental Studies & Permitting</h3><p>CONDUCT preliminary environmental studies to assess potential environmental fatal flaw</p><p>LAUNCH full-scale environmental studies and permitting once land is fully secured and fatal flaws have been eliminated</p> <h3>Wind Resource Assessment</h3><p>INSTALL one or more meteorological towers to measure onsite wind data</p><p><em>Ideally this should be done prior to securing all necessary land</em></p> <h3>Transmission & Interconnection</h3><p>SUBMIT interconnection application</p><p>FACILITATE feasibility study, system impact study, etc.</p><p>NEGOTIATE interconnection agreement</p> <h3>Power Purchase Agreement</h3><p>INTRODUCE the project to local utilities</p><p>NEGOTIATE term sheet and power purchase agreement</p>