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“OwnEnergy’s deep wind power development and construction backgrounds plus significant project finance and investment expertise result in a lean, high-power team. Moreover, they approach the project and its surrounding community with respect and integrity–very important to me and vital to our project’s operation and completion."

Doug Price

President, Ivester Wind Farm, LLC
Project located in Iowa

"Carroll area wind farm began developing a 20 MW mid-size wind project in 2003.  In 2011 after struggling to become interconnected and finding reliable end users we partnered with OwnEnergy.  The OwnEnergy team is focused, resourceful and committed.   The OwnEnergy team consists of experts in development, accounting, and business law.  They have the industry connections to problem solve in-house without delay.  They are prompt and reliable in their responses.  We are delighted with our OwnEnergy relationship!"

Ed Tomka

Local Partner, Carroll Area Wind Farm
Carroll, IA

“The reasons my brother and I chose OwnEnergy, are that they are honest, they have a high degree of integrity, and the intellectual pool that Jake Susman has put together is unmatched by any other competitor in the wind industry. The reasons seem simple but are very hard in partners, but we found them in OwnEnergy.”

Dave Malleck

Managing Partner, Malleck Farm & Wind Ventures LLC
Project located in Nebraska

"When I reflect on OwnEnergy, three words come to mind immediately: professional, progressive and positive.I have come into contact with many people in the wind industry, most all of those connections were quite good, however, I am truly impressed with OwnEnergy. From the first person I met, to the last one I talked to, each person on the OE team is respectful, full of excitement and extremely knowledgeable of their part of the industry. It is great to work with people that follow through. Their enthusiasm is genuine, their intent sincere, and their results are measureable. The wind industry is on the cutting edge of technology; OwnEnergy’s business style is also progressive. They understand how to tap people and projects’ potential through open dialogue, positive affirmations and the like. As we leave behind old technology, let go of old ways of thinking, and embrace a new paradigm of operating, we create a world worth leaving to our grandkids. OwnEnergy understands this intuitively, produces sound economic plans, and is leading the way. We are most grateful to be a part of their extended family."

Dhan James

Local Partner, Blue Cloud Wind Farm
South Dakota

"Working with OwnEnergy has been a pleasure right from the start, as their team captures a unique combination of seasoned industry experience, along with youth and energy. I've been proud to introduce them to our local community, and they know how to back me up without ‘taking over’ as the unknown wind company from out of town. It’s impressive to see how they continuously deliver on their commitments."

David Savage

President, Savage Wind Power, LLC
Project located in Oklahoma

My experiences with OwnEnergy have been that of a true partnership- we are motivated to the same goal and lend each other our resources, skills and contacts to achieve the goal. If I had to state a single description of Own's character, it would be "Positive!". All their motion is forward, all their action is positive!

Ted Bannister

Farmer/Local Partner
Alexander Wind Project, Kansas

"Our working relationship with OwnEnergy has been outstanding. Their project leaders are prompt, professional and bring a high level of experience. We are working with them on a 20 MW mid-size wind project in Minnesota and remain impressed with their desire to develop projects that are sensitive to community and landowner needs. We look forward to additional projects and a shared future.”

Roger Johnson

President, National Farmers Union
Project located in Minnesota