Month: August 2019

Nowadays, we are becoming more conscious when it comes to buying products online and in-store. In some cases, price does not matter anymore because we are more concerned with our safety and of course the environment. Let’s face it, many years ago, every time we go to the store to buy a new bottle of shampoo, skin care products, or some cleaning supplies for our house, the environment may not exactly be the first thing on our minds as we consider what items to buy. We always look for the price tag first.

Even though there are many people who want to go green, there are still some who are not convinced of buying green products. With that, I listed down reasons why we must switch to eco-friendly products and how it will benefit us:


Helps in Saving Money

The products that can be considered “Eco-friendly” is most of the time pricey compared to the brand that we used to buy. The truth is that Eco-friendly products can save more money in the long run. The reason for this is that they are of high quality and them last longer. Moreover, these products are made of recycled resources that are certainly more resilient.


Biodegradable Packaging

We always look for products’ packaging made from plastics, which is actually practical and cheap. However, it is not good for the environment. On the other hand, Eco-friendly companies make products using packaging from recycled materials that can easily decompose and less harmful to the environment.

No Conflict with Personal Morals 

Aside from Eco-friendly products being safe for the environment, they also do not test their end products on animals and avoid harmful byproducts created during production. These negative impacts are often a result of poor manufacturing. And these eco-friendly companies are making their best effort to eliminate this.

Happy and Healthy Mother Earth

Through the years, our environment is getting more polluted due to harmful and toxic pollutants released in the air, land, and water. Good thing is that organizations that produce eco-friendly goods stay away from these matters by utilizing alternative resources to use in the entire manufacturing process.

With that being said, I hope that you now consider switching to green products and help protect mother earth.

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When you grew up in the suburbs, it is realized by you immediately. It somehow manages to smell like the color green. What exactly are we smelling in the event which we bud odor? And why is it that people love it?

This lawn odor is called leaf volatiles, or a combination of days. Plants discharge these molecules ruined forces or by insects.

Plants create types of GLVs predicated on what is happening on them,” said Ian Baldwin.

GLVs are enough to float into our uterus and to transport into the atmosphere. They could be found over a mile from this plant. Other species, for example, insects which have, are allergic to GLV. By way of instance, Allmann and Baldwin discovered that Geocoris bugs are attracted to the GLVs released by plants chewed on having an insect. To put it otherwise, the crops’ odor suggests there is a sting nearby.

People do not consume perhaps or grass the insects onto it the GLVs that marijuana releases aren’t distinct from those plants which we do locate. That means we’ve got motives. “The majority of new veggies have some GLV odor for these,” Baldwin suggested Live Science fruits and veggies can release the molecules because they soften in addition to the membranes inside them split. “Through literary history, we’ve discovered that information to comprehend when something is older,” Baldwin explained.

So much as Baldwin knows, there’s not anything particular to marijuana making it odor simpler for people. But we’re more likely to purge it, releasing a cloud of GLVs and hammering on a lot of plant cells. With something very similar to 40 million acres (16.3 million hectares) of the lawn through the neighboring United States, mowing is the very best opportunity to go through the green odor we all innately associate with plants which are edible. The atmosphere Baldwin said may be found by people.

Themselves can comprehend and respond to all those aromas, Baldwin added. In case the GLV odor implies plants are losing their tops, for example, some other sources, in addition to sugar, maybe shuttled toward its own roots and by means of a plant off from its blossoms. This lessens the potential losses of the plant and will let it grow back afterward. Since Baldwin set it that the marijuana “will respond with the anticipation which the lawnmower will come.”


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Because of cross platform mobile application development, our mobile devices and apps has become part of our daily routine, wherein we use them for different purposes, such as for budgeting finances, scheduling meetings and events, and for entertainment.

Mobile Apps to Help the Planet

We, at times, find ourselves spending so much time on our phones. While we are at it, why not do something helpful for environment? With the continuous evolution of technology and individuals being aware of the status of the planet, there are numerous helpful mobile apps that are developed and dedicated to help the environment.

Here are a few apps committed to save and revive the environment:


Climate change is an intense and grave issue that the world is facing today, and in actuality, even though it is so hard to believe, each individual on earth is accountable for what is materializing in our planet today. Oroeco, a recommended app to be downloaded, offers individuals an appealing and fascinating approach to address climate change by cutting down the impact that each person makes on the world.

Available on Apple Store as well as Google Play Store, Oroeco monitors daily activities, like transportation and food consumption, and then weigh it against the data from other Oroeco users. The app rewards a “badge of honor” to users who are successfully able to lessen their impact on the globe.

One Today

Numerous non-profit organizations worldwide involve themselves in undertakings that are generally aimed at changing and bettering the lives of people as well as the world in. An app, One Today, gives you the opportunity to support these non-profit organizations by keeping you informed and updated of any projects or missions they commit to do. There is no transaction charge of any kind for this app, which means that all donations are utilized. Although you can’t directly make a difference in the world, One Today allows you to help and assist those who are.

Tree Story

One of the many major environmental concern that threatens the globe is deforestation. This bears a direct impact on the problem of global warming. Tree Story is an app that makes certain that trees are planted and grown worldwide by merely playing a game. The game is quite simple. Players nurture a virtual tree. With every tree that you grow and care for in the game, an real tree in the real world is grown and nurtured. Interestingly, nothing is to be paid to grow the trees. Thus, by merely playing this game, a person could somehow help prevent deforestation.

These are only a few of the many apps the are committed to help the environment. With the responsible and efficient usage of these apps, we could make productive use of this technology to save and protect the planet, whether directly or indirectly.

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There is a good chance that the country where you live in relies on natural gas to power up the means for transportation such as buses and trains. Likewise, natural gas is also needed in many countries to light up houses and industries. Of course, if you are living in a Middle East country, you are lucky because of there no need for you to import barrels of natural gas every year, which can cost up to millions of dollars. It is also worth noting that this natural energy resource that we enjoy will be depleted someday.

Considering these undeniable facts, we must all work together to look for alternative renewable sources of energy to secure the next generation. One of the popular alternatives and solutions to this is to collect energy from our sun. With the use of a solar panel, we can finally use one of the most readily available sources of energy out there, which is sunlight, in order to power up establishments.

What Makes The Solar Panel Dangerous For The Environment?

With this, we tend to believe that using solar panels is very efficient and is not likely to introduce any issues. The sad fact is that, just like any other solutions that we created to sustain our needs, the use of solar panels has negative impacts that most people overlook, and the environment is the one to suffer the most.

Many solar panels that are manufactured in factories are silicon-based. Silicon in itself does not pose any harm to the environment, but the problem starts with the preparation of silicon material. For a solar panel that incorporates thin-film technology, silicon is combined with other compounds like cadmium telluride and copper indium selenide. These are known to be highly toxic compounds that pose health concerns to people, and they can negatively affect ecosystems if manufacturers do not observe proper toxic waste disposal. Either way, toxic materials are released into the environment during the manufacturing phase of solar panels, and it is difficult to minimize how much of these must be disposed of.

At the end of the day, we should be aware of the possible effects of the things that we use for our benefit. We can’t afford to bring more harm than good. In the case of the Amazon Great Indian Sale, there is nothing for you to lose with its wide selection of cool deals.

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