Month: June 2020

Environmental degradation is the corrosion of this surroundings via depletion of sources like atmosphere, water along with dirt; the devastation of ecosystems; habitat destruction; the extinction of wildlife; along with contamination. It’s described as disruption or any alteration to the surroundings regarded as undesirable or deleterious. According to the I=PAT equation, ecological impact (I) or degradation is brought on by the mixture of an already quite large and growing human population (P), always raising economic expansion or per capita affluence (A), and also the program of resource-depleting and polluting technology (T).

Environmental degradation is one of those ten dangers legally contested by the High-level Panel on Threats, Challenges and Change of those United Nations. Even the United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Reduction defines ecological degradation because “the decrease in the power of their environment to satisfy societal and environmental objectives, and demands”. [4] Environmental degradation comes from several forms. If natural habitats have been destroyed or natural sources are depleted, then the environment will be degraded. Efforts to counteract that issue include environmental security along with environmental assets administration.

There are various cases of environmental degradation across the world. A current instance is that the 2019 Amazon rainforest wildfires. The Amazon constitutes 60 percent of rainforests. It’s the lungs of the earth and ruined is currently posing a threat to the world and the surroundings. The deforestation’s impacts will present big effects. The cutting of trees is slowly currently getting supply in addition to the absorption of co2. With the purpose of deforestation we’ll have less oxygen on the planet that could have harmful consequences on individual health. Is waste and that the overconsumption of all these paper products which come from these trees. The waste hence quantity of waste is made. An extra result in this is that the degradation of the ground. The deforestation that is continuous causes the earth to become nutrient that can make it tougher to be utilized.


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Whitewater rafting is a water sport which usually includes raft riding. Several numbers of people fit and ride on the raft. This is in combination with paddling through the rapids of the river. During the entire course of this water adventure, riders are provided with a life vest and a helmet for security and safety purposes.

This kind of water sport has been in the industry for many years. But, it was just recently when travelers got to discover the thrill on this extreme activity.

There are a lot of environmental attractions and tourist destinations that can offer whitewater rafting. One of these places is the hidden beauty of the bodies of water within the Philippine environment. And, if you want to experience this thrilling water sport with the beautiful water scenery, let’s explore the following destinations.

Whitewater Rafting Destinations in the Philippines

Are you ready to get into this kind of water adventure? Then, prepare yourself for a great water activity with the information about the environment.


Kalinga is located in the heart of Cordillera Province. This is known for its beautiful man-made attraction rice terraces. It also has a cool climate that offers coolness during the summer. 

Going up north of the Philippines, the journey to Kalinga is really a long one. But, the long-hours of travel is truly worthy due to the beauty of the Chico River. This river offers an exciting whitewater rafting adventure that may surely recharge your energy.


One better option for travellers and city dwellers who do not feel to head up north on a long journey is in Laguna. The Balanac River located in Magdalena is jump-packed with great rapids. And through the slopes of Balanac Dam, sliding down there may be an enjoyable adventure.


The grandiose caves and the adorable islands and beaches are the famous attractions of Samar. But, an additional niche to the province is the strong rapids and currents along the Calbiga River. This river is really an ideal place for whitewater rafting adventure. Just take the bonus of exploring the beautiful scenery inside the cave of Calbiga.


The river situated in Davao is the third largest river in Mindanao. Because of this, the rapids of the Davao River are truly enjoyable for a whitewater rafting experience.


CDO or the “Adventure Capital of the Philippines” used to be the most popular whitewater rafting destination in the country. Included here is the Rio Grande de Cagayan also known as the Cagayan River which happens to be the longest and widest river in the Philippines

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Bathmate uk is the globe’s first ever hydro pump that utilizes water pressure to increase the size of a man’s “manhood,” enhance their stamina, blood circulation as well as penile health. Bathmate uk is the leading hydro pump brand for enlargement where more than a million pumps were sold globally as it is easy to use in the bath or shower.

Many men believe that such device will improve their masculinity and make them more confident. Although this may be true for many, it is imperative to understand that the size of a man’s “manhood” doesn’t define you. This is similar to women; the perfect make-up and body figure doesn’t define you. Rather, its personality, character and principles that defines us.

Gender Equality Is Beneficial To The Environment

Gender inequality is a pressing issue that needs to be urgently addressed if we would want to have a better quality of life as well as economic standing. Moreover, with gender equality, we may also better deal with the environmental or ecological issues that strongly need action.

Both men and women interrelate with the physical environment as well as with natural resources in diverse ways. But, women in many corners of the globe still experience discrimination in terms of decision-making and management of natural resources. For example, women in several nations, have no or limited rights and privileges to access land.

This creates a limit in their capabilities to make decisions as well as their ability or power in keeping and sustaining welfare, health, happiness, comfort, and security in the household, the community, and the society. Theses inequalities that are based on a person’s gender hinder the capacities of societies to reach sustainable development.

On Sustainability And Environmental Management

Gender equality isn’t the only concern that half of the population of the world is concerned about. Human rights is another and a concern of everyone since a society couldn’t and wouldn’t achieve economic, political, social and environmental progress and development if half of its populace is disregarded, sidelined or marginalized. It is vital that each person be included.

Usually, it is the women who experience gender inequality. Women’s active participation is crucial and fundamental for the holistic approach necessary to protect, preserve and conserve the natural world for future generations. Hence, women’ roles and leadership qualities should be equally recognized and valued to create and bring into being meaningful effective solutions for environmental concerns effect sustainable development and environmental management.

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