Month: December 2020

The threats of climate change to our existence as Earth’s current inhabitants are now upon us, which the four years of Trump presidency deliberately ignored. While there are still many skeptics among us, NASA, through its Earth-orbiting satellites have shown concrete evidences supporting the studies conducted by climate scientists.

As a matter of fact, the possibilities of a global warming phenomena was perceived by a Swedish scientist named Svante Arrhenius in as early as 1896. Back then, Dr. Arrhenius, merely hypothesized from his observations that as Earth’s human inhabitants continue to burn fossil fuels, carbon dioxide would amass in the Earth’s atmosphere and raise the planet’s temperature.

Over the years, many climate scientists collected a body of data that revealed signals of global warming as they were convinced that the findings of the Swedish scientist have been gradually unfolding.

Data Collected by NASA Satellites Showing Earth’s Many Responses to Global Warming

Modern day scientists studied ice cores from Antarctica, Greenland and mountain glaciers to analyze how Earth has been responding to the increasing levels of greenhouse gases trapped in the Earth’s atmosphere. In addition, they also studied ancient evidence provided by tree rings, by layers of sedimentary rocks, ocean sediments and coral reefs. All information gathered presented proof that human activities have spurred substantial increases in CO2 levels at a faster rate of 250 times more than the increases incurred by natural resource emissions.

Using different climate models, several scientists from decades ago had predicted that the global warming phenomenon will result to climate changes that will consequentially wreak havoc on mankind’s existence.

Through NASA’s orbiting satellites and other advanced technologies, the findings of climate scientists have been presented with images that clearly show how Earth has responded to global warming and its resulting climate changes.

Warming Ocean – Satellite images show that the ocean absorbed most of the increased heat to which the top 100 meters show warming temperatures of more than 0.6 degrees Fahrenheit.

Receding Ice Sheets – The ice sheets in Antarctica and Greenland have receded; annually losing an average of 148 and 279 billion tons of ice respectively since 1993 to 2019.

Global Glacier Retreats – Glacier retreats denote that ice glaciers are melting at a faster pace and before snowfall could amass and form new glaciers.

Ocean Acidification – Increased acidity of the ocean surface by 30% ever since the Age of Industrial Revolution, since the ocean absorbs between 20 to 30% of the Earth’s CO2 pollution.

Extreme Calamitous Events – Record high temperatures resulting to heat waves, intense flood-causing rainfalls and stronger weather disturbances that have become more powerful and destructive, are some of examples of the consequences of the combined effects of the changes in the Earth’s climate.

While political leaders like Trump continue to ignore all scientific evidences presented by climate scientists and by NASA’s technologies, there are now more people involved in rousing global awareness about the pressing need to reduce CO2 emissions, hopefully, down to zero level.

In the coming years, President-elect Joe Biden will be the new U.S. leader who will renew country’s efforts in the fight against climate change..That being the cases, businesses focused on manufacturing green products will once again harness Instagram posts showcasing the Earth’s environment, as a way to inspire and foster participation in initiatives to save the planet.

As an aside, we recommend for Instagram users and businesses alike to use analytic tools in evaluating Instagram content. That way, they can identify which photographs and/or videos are eliciting greater numbers of responses and in identifying the types of audience who are exhibiting interests in joining the battle against the threats of climate change. One of the best providers of free analytic tools we recommend is Share My Insight accessible via this URL:

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There’s some really exciting things going on in the area of bedding nowadays. As sleep technology advances mattress production organizations can put out better products. Now mattress organizations are spending millions of dollars to obtain a competitive advantage in the market. Here we will explore a few of the fascinating progressions from the mattress industry.

All Organic Beds:

As customers become more aware of the substances which are entering what they sleep , producers are reacting with bed lines aimed toward”all organic mattress shoppers” They’ve made a line of mattresses which are created completely substance free. Each mattress is shaped individually by attaching a mix into a mould, then forming it just like a cake. In doing this every bed can be produced without using any glues that might be potentially bad for customers. Essentia’s memory foam mattresses are not just about producing an all natural solution, but like the rest of the memory foam foam mattress sector their beds help fix poor backbone alignment through sleep, and help customers get a better nights rest.

Eco Bedroom:

Eco Bedroom has a fantastic range of natural innerspring mattresses. If you’re seeking an all-natural bedding choice, but are not prepared to decide on the excellent memory foam options described above, then have a peek at ecobedroom. These products operate to maintain your body in a cooler temperature that will assist you sleep more soundly. By utilizing all organic products that they promote a more relaxed”all natural” sleeping atmosphere.

The excellent thing about going organic is these mattresses are often hand crafted separately rather than being massed produced.

You can find one at Eva Mattresses – shop online! Since the building of the beds takes additional time and attention that they must be made by hand. Even though this can increase the price tag, it has to be known that you’re paying a premium to get a natural, hand crafted mattress. If you’re on the market for a brand new mattress it’s worth some time to have a look at a few of the more recent mattress products out there!

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Many people are now aware of the importance and necessity of protecting the environment. Many of us separate the garbage and diligently bring waste glass and paper into the appropriate bins or containers. According to the Federal Environment Agency, almost 3/4 of the paper used is fed into the recycling system. So far so good.

Students Taking Environmental Action

But at the same time, the use and purchase of products made from waste paper are still fraught with prejudices. That is why many, many standard products are still being bought in the school sector.

All students can do simple ways to help protect the environment and conserve resources. According to the well-known environmental label ” The Blue Angel “, 200 million exercise books are written on by our children every year. Unfortunately, only a fraction of this mass consists of recovered paper, although it does significantly better than conventional paper made from fresh fibers in terms of the ecological balance.

Here are a few figures:

Up to 1,000 liters of water and 4 kWh of energy are required to produce 1 kg of fresh fiber paper. With 1 kg of recycled paper, the values ​​are only up to 10 liters of water and 1.5 kWh of energy. On average, around 70 percent water and 60 percent energy are saved when using recycled paper. In addition, the water is significantly less polluted and no new trees have to be felled.

Tips on environmental protection for students in everyday life

Below is just a few that one student can do to help contribute to the welfare of our planet.

  • Transport the snack in a reusable lunch box and metal bottle instead of in a bag and tetra pack.
  • Coming to school by bike or on foot instead of in your parents’ car.
  • Pay attention to the careful handling and economical use of school materials, e.g. B. Do not sharpen colored pencils excessively, do not stuff loose-leaf binders into your school bag, etc.
  • Continue to use started exercise books in the next class.
  • Inherit unused exercise books to siblings or the next class.

All students can do simple ways to help protect the environment and conserve resources. Teachers can additionally have their students watch short documentaries through Youtube downloader online, to encourage more students to take part in ecological causes.

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