Month: September 2021

Farmers and gardeners are adding compost to the soil in order to enhance its physical properties. They might also use compost rather than soil for growing plants. Mature compost is more like a stable material with contents referred to as humus that’s either black or dark brown with a soil-like, earthly smell.

How Compost is made?

There are simple steps in creating compost and these are as follows:

Step 1. Combine organic wastes similar to yard trimmings, wasted food as well as manures in appropriate ratios into rows, vessels or piles.

Step 2. Add bulking agents similar to wood chips as needed. This will help in accelerating the breakdown of organic materials.

Step 3. Let the finished material to become stabilized and mature via curing process.

Then, the mature compost is made by using high temperatures that’ll destroy weed seeds and pathogens that natural decomposition can’t destroy.

Benefits of Composting

Obviously, farmers and gardeners will not do composting without any benefits. There are several advantages to composting that not all are aware of. Some of the benefits are shown below:

  • Organic waste in the landfills is generating methane, which is a potent greenhouse gas. Through composting, the wasted food and several organics, the emission of methane are drastically reduced.
  • Compost can reduce and occasionally, eliminate the requirement for using chemical fertilizers.
  • Compost is promoting better yields of agricultural crops.
  • Compost is capable of helping reforestation, habitat revitalization and wetland restoration efforts by means of improving compacted, marginal and contaminated soils.
  • Compost can also provide huge cost savings compared to the traditional soil, air and water pollution remediation technologies wherever it is applicable.

Compost Elevates Soil Quality

Ask any gardener about compost and they will tell you that it is their go-to solution to virtually any problem that might arise in their garden. From protection to plant diseases, treating nutrient-deficiencies and the likes, compost is one of the most effective solution both for gardeners and farmers.

This is due to the reason that compost helps to improve the soil’s structure by means of balancing the pH levels, adding essential nutrients and enabling better moisture retention and infiltration.

Compost is so delicate ingredient in farming and gardening that whenever someone orders it from them, they are always backed by commercial towing San Jose to avoid any delays in transit.

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Text messaging is a piece of tech that has become crucial and essential for a lot of people today. On a daily basis, some would send out dozens of text messages as they communicate with their family, friends, colleagues or workmates as well as making use of them to remain informed and updated of certain events and occurrences such as the changing weather conditions.

Sending 해외문자 and Overseas Text Messages

When it comes to sending messages, there are free messaging apps that you could download and use to communicate with your family when you are somewhere outside the country, However, in terms of sending 해외문자 and overseas text messages, especially in bulk and more formal ones, these apps may not be appropriate. Thankfully, there are services that would meet your overseas and 해외문자 texting needs.

AutobahnSMS, for example, aims to deliver high-quality international text messages 24/7 and in real time. With their expertise and experience in their trade as well as networked connections to over 200 countries, the company constantly strives to improve their technology and services for users to more accurately and promptly send international text messages.

Moreover, with the AutoBahnSMS technology, you could send up to 70 Korean characters and up to 140 numeric and English characters at the same time. You could also quickly send 25,000 bulk text messages every minute with accuracy. In addition to this, you could also easily manage your address book such as batch registration of numbers received using notepad or Excel.

Text Messaging and the Environment

Sending text messages can be a reliable way to keep in touch with people, particularly if you don’t have any Internet connection to access and use messaging apps. Also, a lot of organizations and companies are looking for various ways to operate in a such a way that they are friendlier to the environment, including the office supplies that they make use of, materials and resources to produce their products, as well as working with suppliers, providers or merchants with the same cause. Not only will the planet greatly benefit from this, but is likewise great for the image and reputation of the organization, company or business.

In terms of being socially and environmentally conscious, making use of SMS services or text messaging is an excellent approach to achieving this for three major reasons:

  • You lessen or even eliminate the use of paper when you SMS messages or text messaging is used.
  • Energy use of mobile devices is significantly less compared to other bigger electronic devices.
  • Modernized data centers are utilized for services offering cloud-based messaging. This greatly helps in diminishing carbon footprint.

While these approach may be simple and small, every initiative and effort that we make, no matter how small or simple, will definitely tote up to create a huge and significant difference.


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Our environment and the natural resources is depleting. This is one of the main problem of our world today. For many reasons, there are chance that the future generations will not be able to see and experience what we are having now. Fortunately, a lot of people is making their effort through advocating for the environment. The question now is, how will other people hear know and hear them?

  1. Think of your own subject. Focus first on specific things you want to be advocating with regards to the environment. For example, if you want to be an advocate for all the living creatures, focus on wildlife and other living things that maintain the balance in the ecosystem. You may also consider an advocacy for the natural resources. You have to decide so that you will know the people you will be asking assistance from.
  2. Collaborate with other advocates. This will have a very high impact on the audience. This will make the advocacies even more “louder”. It is like listening to some drum samples, but definitely clearer. Having people with the same thoughts, mentality, and objectives will reach not just the target audience but also the potential ones especially that funding is one to look forward to when creating an advocacy for everyone. Unified goal would definitely go a long way.
  3. Know how to communicate the advocacy effectively. Use all the means you know and can just to reach out with everyone. Utilize not just your public speaking skills through face to face or personal gatherings but also in online platforms. Create an account for each and also page and let your friends know what you are up to. Invite them and ask them to invite their friends as well.
  4. Do not stop. You might get tired of reaching out to people. Remember that not everyone does care for the environment. Just continue and mind those that can help you sustaining the environment. After all, you are an advocate not to be famous, but to genuinely save the planet. 

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