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guided imageryStudies have shown that the mind has a powerful healing ability, which makes visualization therapy an effective method of helping people cope with feelings of stress and anxiety. In guided imagery sessions, the mind is directed by a qualified imagery practitioner to think of the body as sitting or lying while in a desired peaceful environment such as a forest, beach or pasture.

The goal is to allow both the mind and body to attain a relaxed state in order to ease pain, as well as alleviate other symptoms linked to a health problem. Advanced studies of visualization therapy indicate that the more specific the images envisioned, the more likely that a person will have a better sense of managing and controlling his or her emotions.

Comprehending Some of the Root Causes of Mental Health Problems

Children are encouraged to imagine sights and sounds while playing with their toys, as doing so animates the ideas formed by their minds. That way they can create a setting in which they have control over their surroundings and the elements in it.

Yet not everyone is fortunate enough to have grown up in an ideal environment that provides physical and emotional benefits. While any child can learn visualization as a means of transporting themselves to a place where they can find enjoyment, negative environmental factors can affect a child’s ability to imagine such a place.

Environmental Problems that Can Affect Mental Health

growing up in a neighborhoodSad to say, environmental problems can impact the physical and mental health of children, especially if growing up in conditions bereft of proper care and nutrition. Even urban environments described as full of distractions and negative attributes can have unpleasant effects that could develop into mental health problems later on in life.

Living in residential areas located near overly busy roads and amidst loud and noisy neighbors can be stressful, since such circumstances can cause sleeplessness. More so if a family does not have the means to cope with extremely warm and cold weather conditions. Environmental pollution that forces children to breathe in “dirty air” more than doubles the possibility for children to grow up in poor health that can lead to feelings of depression.

Use of Data Visualization in Finding Solutions to Environmental Problems

The practice of data visualization has been increasingly important for policy makers and planners in finding solutions to address environmental problems that affect human living conditions. Data visualization can be likened to guided imagery since the presented graphical information serves as guides.

Through data visualization, visual objects that need addressing are highlighted by using varying sizes, different colors and shapes. It’s a method that stands opposed to simply presenting text and numerical figures that not all policy makers and planners can easily visualize in terms of impact and urgency.

Understanding through visualization how environmental variables present in a community, interact with each other can lead to better and more sensible solutions in addressing social and behavioral issues caused by mental health problems

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Non-profit organizations focused on raising environmental awareness and conservation, highly appreciate guest bloggers responding to their “Write For Us” invites. However, not many readily accept creative work offered by guest bloggers, particularly those that carry external links.

Grassroots funded organizations supporting environmental activism, are widely viewed and followed. Yet they reserve the right to reject irrelevant guest contributions. Backlinks are definitely prohibited if it’s quite obvious that the environmental website is merely being used as a brand marketing medium for spreading backlinks across the web.

Nevertheless, guest bloggers collaborating with non-profit organizations focused on environmental activism, may be permitted to embed external links in their guest posts bu5 subject to certain conditions. External or backlinks directing readers to a guest blogger’s website, are acceptable only if the URLs are linked to web pages that support the concept of environmental protection and conservation of natural resources.

After all, there are numerous eco-friendly products, innovations and advancements in technology that can serve as tools in attaining the Net Zero Climate Change goal before the year 2050. Allowing guest bloggers to promote such products to the growing population of environment-conscious consumers, can help speed up the achievement of the Net Zero goal.

What Exactly is the Net Zero Climate Change Goal?

Many misconstrue the Net Zero  concept as a global goal of totally eliminating Carbon Dioxide and other greenhouse gases out of the planet’s atmospheric environment. This only emphasizes the need to further disseminate climate change information in the simplest of terms.

Most guest bloggers are capable of doing this because their writing style is more casual, whilst using vocabulary that ordinary consumers can easily understand and relate to.

First off, it must be understood that the Net Zero effect does not aim to eliminate CO2 out of the planet because this gaseous element is important to plant life. More importantly, greenhouse gas emissions provide energy and heat that make the planet livable, for as long as they stay in balance to effectively counter the cold-producing elements in the Earth’s atmosphere.

However, since the industrialization era, greater amounts of greenhouse gasses (GHG) filled the Earth. Mainly because the modern methods introduced by industries, produced greater amounts of GHG emissions. Moreover, the condition also created imbalances that prevented excess GHG from being released into the vast space outside the planet. As a result, the large amounts of greenhouse gases, including CO2 that got trapped in the Earth’s atmosphere, caused the occurrence of global warming.

During the 2018 international summit that discussed the need to attain the Net Zero effect, it was agreed upon that the best way to move forward is to limit global warming to 1.5°C. Yet this required speedy, decisive and sustainable actions on a worldwide level.

The development had prompted the United Nations to call on government leaders to meet and reach an agreement that each and every nation will commit to reducing GHG emissions in their respective territories.

The Need to Further Raise Awareness about the Net Zero Goal

Actually, environmentalists and climate scientists have been putting out warnings for years, even before the advent of the global warming phenomenon. Scientific journals have been published decades ago, explaining that chemicals and toxic gases can adversely affect the atmospheric layers protecting the planet. While global warming was still a theory, scientific explanations warned that such an occurrence can intensify and strengthen the destructiveness of weather-instigated natural calamities.

Nowadays however, it seems the planet has reached the point of no return, so to speak. In recent months, countries all over the world have been experiencing stronger and more destructive effects of climate change.

Unfortunately however, the responses to the Net Zero Effect climate call, still indicate a need to raise awareness about the urgency of the matter. Apparently, there is a greater need to counter false and fake information with blogs that genuinely support Net Zero Effect movements.

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The Netherlands is one of the popular choices European expatriates consider as an ideal place in which to retire and enjoy life in the arms of Mother Nature. More often than not, the municipality that often gets chosen is Voorschoten, a locality in South Holland nestled between important cities such as The Hague, Leiden and Wassenaar.

The Hague

Becoming a resident of Voorschoten draws politically inclined people nearer to The Hague. It’s like being where the action is but not totally wrapped up, since most expats are quite busy making the most of their retirement years. Aside from The Hague being the seat of the Dutch government, it’s also famous as a place for holding international conferences and movements in support of peace and justice throughout the globe.

Besides, Voorschoten is a Dutch city that is not in any way short of scenic spots and museums, which are good enough reasons for being near another large city in The Netherlands: Leiden.

What Makes Leiden Important

Leiden city is not only the international centre of Dutch artworks painted by the likes of Rembrandt, van Leyden, Van Goyen and van Steen, just to name a few. Families making Voorschoten their new permanent home enjoy the considerable nearness of their abode to Leiden University, one of the oldest educational institutions in Europe.

Established in 1575, later years saw many prominent scientists continue to develop their scientific studies in Leiden. Today, many research studies on Energy , Sustainability and Carbon Capture are being advanced in Leiden University. As many research reports have been released through this university, Leiden is likewise well known for book printing and publishing services.

Why Wassenaar Matters

Another aspect that makes living in Voorschoten ideal is the municipality’s proximity to Wassenaar, the small Dutch city where traditional Dutch families and companies enjoy immense success in business and wealth management. In light of the so-called Wassenaar Arrangement that aims to maintain transparency in weapons trade and dual-use (private or government) software and technologies.

So far, making Voorschoten the location in which to settle has worked well for many expatriates. The atmosphere and environment is modern yet at the same time laid back and relaxing. Actually, residents could lock themselves out of their homes or vehicles, as the new found sense of security using Police Quality locks, they often forget their keys.

A Voorschoten Locksmith or Slotenmaker Voorschoten is a professional that also provides valuable lockpicking or lock replacement emergency services to the people in The Hague, Leiden, Waasenaar and other neighboring municipalities in Southern Holland.

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When automobile manufacturing attained advancement in the form of assembly line technique, the mass production of cars presented a promise of a better future. Driving a car became an integral part of the proverbial American Dream. When Ford started selling millions of Model T cars, the country experienced economic growth. Additional jobs were created in other industries since owning and driving a car indicated elevation of social status. Moreover, Americans were inspired to work harder so they can enjoy the newfound ability and freedom to travel and vacation in style.

However as decades passed, environmentalists and environment scientists began calling attention to the impact of automobiles on the planet, particularly in the earth’s atmosphere. Although concerted efforts to call attention to the issues and problems  caused by cars, gave rise to government regulations, they were not adequate as solutions.

Why Government Regulations Alone Do Not Suffice in Reducing the Environmental Impact of the Car Industry

The impact of cars on the environment is not just the result of energy consumption and fuel combustion resulting in CO2 emissions. Starting from the point of production, the automotive industry affects the environment, even before fleets of cars reach consumers.

The amount of energy and resources consumed to constantly supply great demands for metal, rubber, plastics, fiber glass, glass and paint cannot be overlooked. Many more need to be supplied even if car manufacturers produce electric cars. Furthermore, the impact is global, as most car materials and components are derived from or produced by mining industries in other countries.

Even the end of a car’s active life does not denote cutting short its impact on the environment. Abandoned cars are not only blight to the environment; they become environmental hazards as the collection of cars in junkyards, can still leak toxic chemicals from metal rusts, oils, lubricants and battery acid on unprotected ground.

The production and supply of petroleum and its by products already create environmental impact, regardless of whether they are burned as fuel by vehicles. Unearthing and extracting fossils, as sources of fuel are energy intensive as well as damaging to nearby ecosystems.

Thank Goodness for Recycling

It’s a good thing that recycling is now supported as a sustainable approach to manufacturing new cars. According to business reports, about 75% of average cars sold today in automobile markets, made use of recycled components, including steel frames. Recycling can also reduce the amount of energy used in procuring new automotive components.

By the way, those looking to buy pre-loved or brand new cars can find the best deals at Earnhardt Auto Centers . You can easily find this car dealer in 17 different locations in Phoenix, Arizona as it ranks high in the list of top 25 automobile dealers in the country.

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Market reports show that the pandemic gave the global gaming industry a boost, as the number of gamers now account for 36.9% of home entertainment consumers. Gamers in Southeast Asian countries are central to this growth, especially in Thailand where the government shows strong support for esports and the gaming industry. However, since Thailand relies heavily on fossil fuel, other sectors are concerned that the increased usage of energy-intensive game applications will negate the country’s efforts to meet its commitment to reduce carbon emissions.

There is no doubt that the entire gaming market in Thailand will continue to grow, since the rollout of 5G network in the country has greatly increased smartphone penetration.

Of Thailand’s 69 million population, it is estimated that 41% or about 27.8 million are gaming citizens. Recent surveys show that Thai gamers are more than willing to pay for games, whether cloud-based, downloadable or in CDs. The significance of these willingness is evident in Thailand’s gaming industry to which 71% of the revenues generated last year are from mobile game sales.

Apparently, the Thai government’s support for the gaming industry has had positive impact on Thai’s economy when compared to other Asian countries. The slump experienced by Thailand as a result of the pandemic was not as grave and enduring the way it is in countries that rely mainly on tourism.

Digital Economy Promotion Agency Voiced Plans to Address Concerns

Thailand’s Digital Economy Promotion Agency (DEPA), the government body tasked to support and promote digital-technology adoption in the country announced plans to collaborate with the country’s operators of Global Systems for Mobile (GSM) communications, as well as with the leading sources and providers of all digital technologies in Southeast Asia and Thailand.

Plans for collaborative actions will kick off with an online conference focused on the overall impact of the gaming and esports industry on Thailand. The discussion is in line with DEPA’s mission to ensure that the adoption of digital technology will benefit not only Thailand’s national economy but also the social, cultural and security conditions of the nation.

Singaporean Researchers Conducted Studies on How to Optimize Battery Energy of Mobile Devices

In a separate report published on Feb. 2021 in the IEEE website, a group of Computer Science researchers of Singapore’s Yonsei University took to analyzing the functional characteristics of games, to determine the source/s of energy inefficiency in gaming devices, particularly in mobile phones. Their studies led them to recommend a system called System-level Energy-Optimization for Game Application (SEGA) as a way to improve energy efficiency.

The conventional practices and behaviors in gaming relates to performing actions that will enable players to level up at a faster rate, score higher and take on seemingly impossible challenges. However, while succeeding in such actions is important to the completion of missions that can gain them gaming rewards, the time it takes to achieve missions also impact the efficiency of energy use in their mobile devices.

According to the Yonsei University computer science experts, the SEGA scheme works by controlling power consumption of the CPU and the Graphic Processing Unit (GPU). The governing principles of the SEGA system involve the integration of Gsync-aware GPU, on-demand touch boosting and adaptive capacity clamping.

The recommendation sounds promising especially in playing the Free Fire battle royale shooter game, currently the most popular mobile content in Thailand. In the meantime that the recommended SEGA system has not yet been recognized for global gaming adoption, weaker players are likely to continue with the practice of availing the services of a โปร Free Fire (Free Fire Pro) account.

For all its worth, using a gaming-assisted account can help improve and sustain the gaming satisfaction of weaker Free Fire players, as well as minimize the energy use of their mobile device battery.

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The threats of climate change to our existence as Earth’s current inhabitants are now upon us, which the four years of Trump presidency deliberately ignored. While there are still many skeptics among us, NASA, through its Earth-orbiting satellites have shown concrete evidences supporting the studies conducted by climate scientists.

As a matter of fact, the possibilities of a global warming phenomena was perceived by a Swedish scientist named Svante Arrhenius in as early as 1896. Back then, Dr. Arrhenius, merely hypothesized from his observations that as Earth’s human inhabitants continue to burn fossil fuels, carbon dioxide would amass in the Earth’s atmosphere and raise the planet’s temperature.

Over the years, many climate scientists collected a body of data that revealed signals of global warming as they were convinced that the findings of the Swedish scientist have been gradually unfolding.

Data Collected by NASA Satellites Showing Earth’s Many Responses to Global Warming

Modern day scientists studied ice cores from Antarctica, Greenland and mountain glaciers to analyze how Earth has been responding to the increasing levels of greenhouse gases trapped in the Earth’s atmosphere. In addition, they also studied ancient evidence provided by tree rings, by layers of sedimentary rocks, ocean sediments and coral reefs. All information gathered presented proof that human activities have spurred substantial increases in CO2 levels at a faster rate of 250 times more than the increases incurred by natural resource emissions.

Using different climate models, several scientists from decades ago had predicted that the global warming phenomenon will result to climate changes that will consequentially wreak havoc on mankind’s existence.

Through NASA’s orbiting satellites and other advanced technologies, the findings of climate scientists have been presented with images that clearly show how Earth has responded to global warming and its resulting climate changes.

Warming Ocean – Satellite images show that the ocean absorbed most of the increased heat to which the top 100 meters show warming temperatures of more than 0.6 degrees Fahrenheit.

Receding Ice Sheets – The ice sheets in Antarctica and Greenland have receded; annually losing an average of 148 and 279 billion tons of ice respectively since 1993 to 2019.

Global Glacier Retreats – Glacier retreats denote that ice glaciers are melting at a faster pace and before snowfall could amass and form new glaciers.

Ocean Acidification – Increased acidity of the ocean surface by 30% ever since the Age of Industrial Revolution, since the ocean absorbs between 20 to 30% of the Earth’s CO2 pollution.

Extreme Calamitous Events – Record high temperatures resulting to heat waves, intense flood-causing rainfalls and stronger weather disturbances that have become more powerful and destructive, are some of examples of the consequences of the combined effects of the changes in the Earth’s climate.

While political leaders like Trump continue to ignore all scientific evidences presented by climate scientists and by NASA’s technologies, there are now more people involved in rousing global awareness about the pressing need to reduce CO2 emissions, hopefully, down to zero level.

In the coming years, President-elect Joe Biden will be the new U.S. leader who will renew country’s efforts in the fight against climate change..That being the cases, businesses focused on manufacturing green products will once again harness Instagram posts showcasing the Earth’s environment, as a way to inspire and foster participation in initiatives to save the planet.

As an aside, we recommend for Instagram users and businesses alike to use analytic tools in evaluating Instagram content. That way, they can identify which photographs and/or videos are eliciting greater numbers of responses and in identifying the types of audience who are exhibiting interests in joining the battle against the threats of climate change. One of the best providers of free analytic tools we recommend is Share My Insight accessible via this URL:

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The brain is said to be the main sexual organ, as it holds the neurons that respond to pleasure signals received by the body. Food, objects and elements touted as having aphrodisiac effects, first stimulate the pleasure center of the brain before it releases hormones that stimulate sexual organs.

That is why many scientists regard responses to so-called aphrodisiacs as placebo effects, since it is mainly the state of mind of the person receiving the stimulant that counts. The brain can trigger memories or stir imaginations related to sexual pleasure, enough to arouse that person’s sexual desires. Yet some sexual health specialists still consider placebo effect as a valid indicator, even if a person is already of a mindset that the purported aphrodisiac works for him or her.

The important thing is the achievement of a goal by way of the “feel good” hormone secreted by the brain, being the primary factor that can bring total satisfaction over a sexual engagement. In case readers are interested in knowing more about aphrodisiacs and their potential for producing the “feel good” hormones, they will find an abundance of information at

Inasmuch as the brain is the central processor of messages transmitted by sexual stimulants, readers should also have awareness that environment may influence the ability of the brain to respond positively to libido stimulants.

How Environment Affects a Person’s Ability to Respond to Sexual Stimulants

Home – A child that grows up in a healthy home will likely develop a positive attitude toward sexual relationships once they reach the age of maturity. A healthy and sound home life shared with supportive parents and siblings serves as anchor that will keep a teenager’s feet firmly planted on the ground.

That teenager will likely stay focused on what he or she wants to be; having little interest in engaging as well as in experimenting on sexual stimulants. The idea of unwanted pregnancy or of complications that can jolt a person out of a secure haven, may pose as restràints on attitudes and behavior towards sex.

Community – The community in which a person attained sexual awareness also influences that person’s views, responses and inclinations toward sexual activities. In most cases, an adolescent who feels at home in a permissive environment simply blends in with the actors and their way of life, perceiving everything happening around him or her as the norm.

Not all adolescents though will feel at home or welcome in a permissive environment, especially if one encountered or experienced a traumatic introduction to sex such as incidents of child molestation, or through a rapist father.

In both environments, the prevailing political, religious and cultural views also help shape a person’s sexual behavior and tendencies. Current studies about the environment and the elements present in that environment are conducted due to the increasing numbers of teenagers dealing with early pregnancies or affliction with STDs.

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As you look in the mirror and see yourself getting older, you may want to take stock of what you have accomplished so far throughout the years. If you are satisfied that you are achieving what you aim for, it is likely that your image will reflect contentment and happiness.

Yet if your image also appears to have a lot of negative traits such as dark rings under the eyes, ravaged or blotched skin, bedraggled look, premature gray hairs, over or underweight, and other elements that suggest an unhealthy condition, it may be that you are paying a high price to attain such achievements. Take them as signs that a change or some changes have to take place. Your sleeping habits perhaps? It may be your diet, or your skin regimen, or even the company you keep.

Actually, one of the most overlooked aspects that can influence lifestyle is the quality of the environment in which we act, interact, work, recreate or sleep. The people, the structure, the facilities, the sounds, the view, the colors or even the terrain, contribute to what surrounds us as environment. It may take some effort to process this but consider the exercise as akin to an essay editing task, wherein you, your lifestyle, your achievements and your environment make up the composition.

Carefully review your past, present and future tenses; analyze the singularities and pluralities present in your life. Try to comprehend your life’s meaning, look for inconsistencies or mistakes that need to be corrected. Then relate them all to your environment to find out what needs to change

Reviewing Your Past, Present and Future

Accomplishments do not necessarily mean career related, but mostly those associated with your present occupation; either as a student, a housewife, or an aspirant in your field of interests. In carrying out activities in the past, were there elements in your surroundings that complicated matters for you?

Consider your present and your future and of how your physical condition is holding up.Let us say as a housewife you have to frequently manage a long flight of stairs and carry heavy loads at the same time as daily routine. If you can’t be in any other environment, at least make it a point to ask or have somebody haul the heavy load for you.

Analyze the Singularities and Pluralities in Your Life

When taking stock of this aspect, also consider zero, because a tool, a friend, a form of recreation, a professional or medical help may be the thing that is missing in your current state. Having one at the least can contribute well enough. Yet if your present occupation calls for having lots of social contacts and interactions, make sure to distinguish the important from the non-important. The point is to simply avoid swamping your life with too many social activities to the point of depriving yourself with rest and recreation.

Analyze Your Life’s Meaning

Are you doing tasks and chores because you perceive them as obligation to fulfill? Take care that you do not develop a perception that they are drudgeries that prevent you from doing other things that you want to do. Analyze why it is important to carry out activities that you think are hampering your lifestyle.

Consider potential consequences. Will the change improve your present condition without adversely affecting the status quo of the environment in which you live or work in? If it does, look for methods, devices or applications that will make chores less time consuming or boring.

Create a Checklist of What You Plan to Implement as Changes

While editing your life’s essay, create a checklist of the changes you plan to implement. You do not have to make drastic moves, by trying to change everything altogether all at once. However, weigh the important and rational effects of any adjustments you made before deciding to listen to those who are against it.

Rely on your own composition and not on the basis of other people’s opinion, because in an essay, you must take ownership of any conclusion or opinion you make.

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What we know of as toxic products may be limited to the information we acquire when researching about harmful ingredients. Most of which include chemicals classified as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that have a tendency to evaporate even under normal room temperature. Commercial products with VOCs as ingredients are immediately distinguishable because of strong acrid smell of chemical. Except for aerosol-sprayed air fresheners, which release the VOC emission during the spraying process.

Yet most of us are unaware that there are other household items that could be just as hazardous even if marketed as not containing VOCs. Chemical substances such phthalates, perchloroethylene a.k.a. PERC, triclosan, ammonium compounds, ammonia, formaldehyde, chlorine and many other substances are sources of toxic emissions. This is particularly true for those living in, or staying in closed-in areas to which weather or climate prevents or minimizes letting in of natural air.

Some of those household items may occur in your homes as non-stick teflon cooking ware, dishwashing liquids, kitchen and bathroom cleaning materials, furniture polish, stain removers, flea powders, flame retardant mattresses and even toys. The concern over such products, even if containing only small amounts of toxic substances, is the frequency by which residents are exposed to them as part of daily or weekly routines transpiring over a lifespan.

Once the exposure builds up in tissues, or slowly takes effect in one’s system, health disorders such as asthma, cancer, and hormonal disruptions leading to reproductive neurotoxicity, reproductive disorders and the likes, eventually develop as serious forms of illnesses.

Effects of Toxic Emissions on the Olfactory System

The emission passing through human nose detects the kind of smell that pervades in the environment. If through the years, the sense of smell becomes impaired, a person’s ability to remember experiences is impaired as well.

University of Toronto neurobiologists were able to identify a mechanism connecting the functions of the olfactory system to the brain’s ability to recall memories of experiences stored in the brain. A certain region in brain called anterior olfactory nucleus (AON), which processes the what, where and how information received through the process of smelling.

Once the connection between a person’s sense of smell and the AON is lost, that person is likely to manifest the early symptom of Alzheimer’s disease, which is the inability to recognize smell; leading to a more serious condition of memory loss.

The Quality of Smell Entering the Olfactory System Can Affect Moods and Emotions

In light of the connection between the AON of the brain and the olfactory system, the quality of smell passed on by the nose to the brain can also affect the mood or emotion of a person. That is because a certain aroma or fragrance can trigger the recollection of good or bad memories via the AON. What the smell evokes as memories therefore can alter a person’s present mood, or bring out an emotion, especially if it pervades for a long period.

Grain & Gram, an online seller of organically scented products suggests making your home a source of happy memories. That way, every time a home-related aroma or fragrance is received by the AON, a family member currently experiencing a bad day while away from home can simply look for scents that can turn his or her mood, from bad to good.

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