Baby Diapers and the Environment

Gone are the days when mothers use cotton cloths as baby diapers and reuse for them as long as can be, with just a quick wash and some time to dry, you already have a change for when your baby does the dirty.
But, as stated, this generation are no longer into washing poop out of a cloth just to reuse it, especially now that people have disposable diapers that are far way convenient for everyone.

From Reuse To Dispose

But, as good as this sounds, its not quite good for the environment, most importantly when not all mothers are keen in its proper disposal. Proper disposal does not stop with throwing it in the trash bin, because everyone is well aware that it will cause unpleasant smell for everyone and may lead to unwanted flies in the house.
To be a responsible mom and a citizen of the Earth, there are now diaper bags that can be greatly used for this matter.
Diaper bags are practically bags made of eco-friendly seaweed material that can be used to properly seal used diapers which will eliminate the spread of foul smell, and the attraction for pests.
Whether you are in your house or outside,having one is essential, since it is made of eco-friendly material, it will not contribute to plastic’s long decomposition method and will also be a way for these trash to not be an eye sore especially in public places.
Most often people forget to consider the nature and the effects of inappropriate disposal to it, being on the go is not a reasonable one to dismiss any chance of helping our nature.
People’s inventions and advancements are made to help each and every being but we should bear in mind that no invention and advancement can protect the environment, more than the collaborative effort of every living being to be responsible when it comes to proper trash disposals.