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Environmental protection is a topic that is not and should not be just a passing trend. And it is not only about important political decisions, but also about environmentally conscious action of each individual. We’ll show you how you can protect the environment by buying second-hand clothing.

Especially in the food sector, but also with many other consumer goods, many complain about the throw-away mentality that is prevalent today . Anything that no longer looks flawless is simply disposed of, even if it would still serve its purpose.

The fashion industry in particular lives from the fact that we, the consumers buy new clothes at regular intervals. And not just because the old clothes are broken, but often simply because we want something new or want to go with the latest trends.

How does the clothing industry harm the environment?

The production of clothing is not only about the consumption of resources, but also about chemicals, which are used in many processes and which are a great danger for the environment and the people in the producing countries. And yet the price pressure is causing many fashion companies to produce their collections with sometimes questionable processes and substances. In addition, old textiles are often burned. This creates toxic fumes that are released unfiltered into the air.

The advantages of second-hand fashion

By buying second-hand fashion you do not induce the fashion companies to produce less immediately, but by using the clothing for a longer period of time you at least ensure the optimal use of the materials used and thus contribute to environmental protection .

In addition, second-hand fashion is no longer limited to the sorted out retro clothes from the closets of our mothers and grandmothers from the last century. Especially on the Internet there is even designer fashion at astonishingly low prices and still in perfect quality. You’ll be surprised how wide the range of high-quality second-hand designer fashion now.

Compared to buying a new one, you still save a lot with second-hand fashion. Especially when it comes to children’s clothing, buying used clothing at flea markets or on the Internet is a great savings. Small children usually only wear their clothes for a few weeks or months, so that what they have worn is usually as good as new.

Another advantage is that second-hand items of clothing from the flea market are often unique items that you can use to create your own individual look. Try to mix and match old clothes with new ones to create new outfits entirely to your liking. You can also use steamer like steamer for secondhand clothes in that way you can save your money as well as saving the environment.

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