Electric Scooter: Is it Eco-friendly or not?

Electric scooter, or e-scooter can now be seen almost everywhere. You were probably shocked when e-scooter first entered the market because scooter was a huge part of your childhood which is why a lot of people were happy when e-scooter was developed because it will be a great alternative to car and motorcycle. In addition to that, escooterireland.ie is eco-friendly because instead of gas, it will need energy for it to run. However, there are arguments against electric scooter being environment friendly.

A lot of e-scooter companies love to flex how eco friendly their products are, most of the time giving reminders to riders that if they choose to ride in a two-wheeled vehicle, they will be able to lessen the carbon foot print and help the environment to fight against the dangerous climate change. However, we do not really know the truth behind those claims. Maybe it is somehow eco-friendly, however two-wheeled vehicles also pose risks to the environment.

There is a research conducted at the North Carolina State University, stating it is true that e-scooters are more eco-friendly compared to other vehicles like car but e-scooter may also be less eco-friendly than other vehicles. Truth be told, there are other two-wheeled vehicles that do not need gas or any form of energy for it run. One example is using bicycle. Although you it will be a form of exercise, you are not harming the environment.

Riders think that when they use e-scooter rather than four wheeled vehicles, they are making the best choice because the vehicle is free from carbon. But the truth is, e-scooters are manufactures, transported, and maintained. Meaning, the process of producing such vehicles is emitting more carbon footprint. Hence, the more people use e-scooters, the more e-scooter companies produce carbon emissions.

Despite the many controversies regarding e-scooter being eco-friendly, it is no doubt that the said two-wheeled vehicle helped us a lot when it comes to commuting. It saves us much time because we can avoid traffic. Also, it helps us save much money because it is not operated by gas. But the claim of most e-scooter companies regarding the vehicle as being the most green option is not true.