Gender Equality: A Fundamental Factor For Environmental Management And Sustainable Development

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Gender Equality Is Beneficial To The Environment

Gender inequality is a pressing issue that needs to be urgently addressed if we would want to have a better quality of life as well as economic standing. Moreover, with gender equality, we may also better deal with the environmental or ecological issues that strongly need action.

Both men and women interrelate with the physical environment as well as with natural resources in diverse ways. But, women in many corners of the globe still experience discrimination in terms of decision-making and management of natural resources. For example, women in several nations, have no or limited rights and privileges to access land.

This creates a limit in their capabilities to make decisions as well as their ability or power in keeping and sustaining welfare, health, happiness, comfort, and security in the household, the community, and the society. Theses inequalities that are based on a person’s gender hinder the capacities of societies to reach sustainable development.

On Sustainability And Environmental Management

Gender equality isn’t the only concern that half of the population of the world is concerned about. Human rights is another and a concern of everyone since a society couldn’t and wouldn’t achieve economic, political, social and environmental progress and development if half of its populace is disregarded, sidelined or marginalized. It is vital that each person be included.

Usually, it is the women who experience gender inequality. Women’s active participation is crucial and fundamental for the holistic approach necessary to protect, preserve and conserve the natural world for future generations. Hence, women’ roles and leadership qualities should be equally recognized and valued to create and bring into being meaningful effective solutions for environmental concerns effect sustainable development and environmental management.