Get a Feel of the Environment: Benefits of Outdoor Sports

Opinions differ when it comes to outdoor or indoor sports. Some prefer to go to the gym and sweat on the mat or on the equipment. Others go jogging, walking or cycling. Both camps agree that doing sport is always a good idea. Sports Broadcast (스포츠중계) from Medea TV has stressed: Whether indoors or outdoors, sport is good for your health, your body and your mind.

However, sport in the open air has a very special appeal for many. Even as a passive sports fan, you prefer to watch football in the Allianz Arena or tennis in Wimbledon.

So it is not surprising that many like to exercise their own sports regime in the fresh air. The health benefits cannot be dismissed out of hand.

Benefits of Activities Outdoors

Outdoor sport has these advantages over indoor sport

1. Experience nature

A great advantage of outdoor sport is the direct experience of nature. Running through a beautiful park or green forest is more appealing than looking at the wall on the treadmill.

Cycling on a river also has a lot more charm than the exercise bike in front of the TV in the living room. Nature is good for you and calms the mind. For example, a walk in the forest has a proven psychological effect. People calm down, the stress level drops and the mind becomes clearer. The same applies to a jogging run in nature. In addition to the sporty effect, you can switch off here and let your thoughts run free. The changing environment on a longer route is undoubtedly more attractive than an enclosed space.

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2. Stock up on vitamin D 

The body absorbs vitamin D through daylight. This is particularly important in winter to prevent depression and to maintain or even improve your well-being. Even if it is difficult to be outside in the cold and snow, outdoor sports promote overall well-being – even in winter.

Why is vitamin D so important?

  • It helps to strengthen the bones
  • It protects against dementia
  • A lack of vitamin D can contribute to autoimmune diseases, cardiovascular diseases and even allergies.

Those who exercise a lot outside prevent this deficiency. In addition, light – especially when the sun is shining – puts you in a good mood. Well-being increases and gloomy thoughts literally “vanish into thin air” after a round of jogging in the park.

3. Strengthen the body’s defenses

Fresh air and lots of oxygen strengthen the body’s defenses.

The immune system is stimulated by outdoor sports. Temperature fluctuations challenge the body again and again and make it more robust against colds and other diseases. In addition, completely different bacteria are on the move outdoors than during gymnastics exercises in your own four walls. Contact with these bacteria also challenges and hardens the immune system.

4. Higher calorie consumption

More calories are consumed in outdoor sports than in indoor sports. Especially in winter, the body has to use more energy outside to keep the body at operating temperature. Training outside is therefore a good idea, especially in winter. Up to 30 percent more calories are used to keep the body warm.

In summer, you sweat more, which also burns fat. It is therefore important to drink a lot here, especially in summer. If the temperature is too high, however, training outside should be better. Excessive heat can be life-threatening for the cardiovascular system!

5. Discover exciting new training equipment

The great outdoors always has surprises to offer:

  • Park benches can be used as push-up assistants.
  • Stones become spare dumbbells.
  • Tree trunks can be lifted and so the arm muscles can be trained.
  • Pull-ups on the climbing frame of a playground are much more exciting than on the bar in the gym.
  • Stairs are more challenging than the stepper in the living room.

The great thing is that you can train a lot with your own body weight in the great outdoors. In addition, you come into close contact with nature, which has a positive effect on the psyche.

Feeling the grass under your hands during push-ups and feeling the structure of stones in the palms of your hands promotes awareness. Creativity is also challenged in outdoor sports. Ever new jogging routes and ever new training equipment keep this type of movement much more varied than the same equipment in the gym.