Green Toys is the Best Toys for Children

Sustainable toys for babies and children are toys made from safe, ecological, and non-toxic materials. Usually, use is made of natural materials that are also durable in their durability, such as wood. It is of course also Toddler, Playing, Montessori, Diy, Toys, Handmadeimportant that it does not break quickly. Sustainable toys are also often toys that have an educational aspect, or that stimulate the senses, for example.

Different Kinds of Sustainable Toys

For example, there are best toys 7 month old babies toys that you can only play within one way, such as a racing car. But there are also toys that you can do all kinds of different things with, such as Duplo. Sustainable toys are often toys that can be played in many ways and that children can also do for a long time.

Webshop Greenjump not only sells many useful sustainable products for the family but also many sustainable toys, such as very nice ecological craft supplies. Of course, with crafts you want your child to use non-toxic materials. At Waschbaer you will find a lot of choice of very nice and unique durable toys that you will not find anywhere else, highly recommended!

If you prefer beautiful and trendy things, take a look at the toy department of the Rockin ‘Green webshop. This nice web store for babies and children sells super nice sustainable and trendy stuff.

Green Toys Believes in a Better World

To make this world better, especially for our children, Green Toys produces toys of good and sustainable quality. Only recycled plastic and other environmentally friendly materials are used. This helps to reduce fossil oils and reduce the greenhouse effect.

Green Toys is Made From Recycled Bottles

All Green Toys toys are made from recycled material, namely old plastic milk bottles, just like the bottles you have in your fridge. In addition to the plastic bottles, other plastic items are also added when necessary, such as the empty yogurt cup that you just used. All the toys are 100% recycled. By using recycled plastic, Greentoys ensures that the material does not end up in the environment as waste.

The packaging is also made from 100% recycled. No plastic has been added, so no plastic wrap, stickers, or anything.

Green toys are a company from California, United States. All the toys are invented and made in the US, and therefore only traveled from the US to the Netherlands and no further. Green toys ensure the shortest possible production cycle.