Is the Planet Healing Already?

Believe it or not, our ozone layer in Antarctica was able to recover that it has already stopped countless of worrying changes in Southern Hemisphere. According to a study performed, the Montreal Protocol or a 1987 agreement to stop or reduce the production of ozone-depleting substances known as ODSs may have contributed a lot for pausing or better yet, reversing some of the troubling changes in the atmosphere around the Southern Hemisphere.

Just before the turn of century, issues regarding ozone depletion had already been driving southern jet stream to further south than normal. This jet stream is swirling towards the poles of our planets at high altitude which are actually very fast air currents. As a result, it changes the patterns of rainfall experienced in different countries and possibly, ocean currents too.

Positive Change has Come

A decade after or even more, after the protocol was agreed, the migration eventually stopped. Do you think it was coincidental? By using wide range of computer simulation software and models, researchers now have a better view that this pause in the movement wasn’t because of natural shifts in the wind alone.

Rather, the changes in ozone may explain why these jet streams stopped all of a sudden. Simply speaking, the effect of Montreal Protocol have halted or somehow reversed the southern migration of jet stream. For once, that is actually great news.

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For example in Australia, the changes to jet stream odds of experiencing drought by pushing the rain away from its coastal areas. If in case that the trend is reversed, then the rains may sooner or later return saving the coastal areas from possible drought.

Continuous Effort

Weather bands’ that is bringing cold fronts are narrowing towards South Pole and that is the reason why southern Australia experiences a decrease in rainfall for the past 3 decades or more. This is as per Ian Rae, an organic chemist working from University of Melbourne.

Still, the good news that we are getting is far from success. While there are continuous improvements in eliminating ODSs which helped our ozone to recover, this is going to be a world’s effort to maintain the healing of our planet.