National Coast Guard Being Threatened By Prank Calls

Prank calls have become surprisingly a #1 threat in the National Coast Guard. They are flooded with hoax calls almost every day and the situation is getting serious. Because each call can save a life, the National Coast Guard don’t take the risk of shrugging their shoulders on another distress call. But if it appears that the call is nothing but a prank call, there is a waste of precious time, energy, and resources.

The phone calls often enter via the VHF radio channel of the Coast Guard, similar to 911 but designed for maritime emergencies, detected by a connection of antennas down the coastline. As opposed to 911, there is no determining info such as a number to track back specific caller.

Voice Recognition To Track Calls

The National Coast Guard team considered using voice recognition to track the caller. The prankdial provide the agents in the Coast Guard a definite sample of the caller’s voice even if the call is just a simple call for help. Voice recognition may not be enough to catch the culprit but it could be a start to match the next caller to at least determine if the call is another hoax.

It is nonetheless not clear if all those devices can assist the Coast Guard. Everyone speak diversely, not just due to the shape and size of the larynx, but as a result of the environment, we grew in, as a result of our individuality, etc. That would make voice biometrics a bit more complicated, however, that complexness provides us far more statistics to try out with.

Meanwhile, the Coast Guard continues to be on the lookout for some advantage over the prank caller. Preferably, they are capable to create something which could determine any voice used to generate a hoax call, which in turn could allow responders lessen the harm from prank calls without even capturing anyone. However, the organization has not still seen a commercial program that could satisfy that norm and continues to look for suggestions and guidelines from the academy and other firms in the federal government. For the time being, the agency issues a high-profile criminal arrest and trial to actually remind everybody of the implications of faux information.

Don’t Prank Emergency Numbers

911 and the emergency hotline for maritime are very sensitive. One call can save a life or the environment as a whole. Make a prank call for fun to friends or family who can understand that what they received is a prank call. Remember that wasting the time of these emergency numbers is a waste of time and energy, not to mention money gone wasted.