Piccadilly Grand At Northumberland Road – Condo Living: Looking For The Right Location And Neighborhood

Although there are individuals who still desire for a home located in the suburbs, people today have a broader array of options for housing. In recent years in some countries, condo living has risen in popularity, with various condo community types offering numerous benefits over other forms of housing alternatives. With increasingly more people preferring to live in condominiums, new condo developments get underway in order to provide households with a lush place they can call home along with the amenities they need to make condo-living comfortable, safe and convenient.

Piccadilly Grand at Northumberland Road

Piccadilly Grand at Northumberland Road is among the new condo developments in Singapore that is going to be launched in April 2022 and expected to be done in 2026, with 405 condo units in total.

Piccadilly Grand will rise in the Farrer Park area. It is an excellent place to live as it is conveniently located near food establishments, retail stores, and entertainment spots. Moreover, would-be residents will have easy access to public transportation, making travelling around the area and nearby towns a breeze.

The soon-to-be luxurious condo is also great for parents or couple who are expecting or have plans of having children in the  imminent future as there are quality schools close by as well as medical facilities for you and your family to receive quality healthcare.

Properties in the Farrer Park area are well-liked by young first-time homeowners wanting a fairly reasonable private housing that is near their workplace in the central business district as well as trouble-free access to other areas of by means of public transportation. With the convenience and accessibility that the Piccadilly Grand at Northumberland Road will provide its would-be residents, the condo is a prime location.

Looking for the Right Location and Neighborhood

A condo is a kind of ownership structure wherein you obtain ownership of one unit and the ability to make use of the shared amenities as well as assets provided by the condo community. With this unique arrangement of private ownership as well as shared access, individuals can certainly benefit from condo living.

While condo living has its numerous benefits, it is important to consider the location and the neighborhood to make certain you enjoy and benefit from it even more. If you aren’t certain what to search for in a neighborhood, below are a few to bear in mind to find the most ideal location.

Neighborhood Safety

Neighborhood safety is an extremely crucial factor to consider when looking for a condo, and apartment or when buying a house, particularly if you have children. For you to have a better picture of how safe a neighborhood is, look into the crime statistics of the place, if there is an established group for neighborhood watch, how close you are to the nearest local law enforcement, and street lighting.

Pharmacy, Grocery, Department Stores, and Food Establishments

You most likely want to have convenience and accessibility to essential goods when looking for a good location to live. Find out how convenient and accessible you are to the closest grocery/market, pharmacy, department stores, and other places where you obtain the necessities for day-to-day living and where you will most likely be doing most of your errands.

School District

If you have children or are planning to have children in the near future, looking for a school district that performs well is something that you have to prioritize as you search for the most fitting location or neighborhood to live in.


Transportation is another crucial factor to bear in mind, particularly if your goal is convenience. Make certain you have easy access to a number of transportation options. Some condominiums are advantageously situated in sites where various facilities and amenities can be accessed without trouble as many are within walking distance and where public transportation is nearby.

Parks, Walking Trails and Recreational Areas

It is also good to check if the area has nearby parks, walking trails and recreational areas where you and your family can enjoy. Or perhaps you want to have a walk with your dog every morning before going to work or enjoy a short stroll with your family after dinner.