Plentier, More Destructive Tropical Cyclones This Year Is A Confirmation Of The Climate Changing For The Worse

Our world is facing a bunch of problems this year, but the one that really stood out this year is the COVID-19 pandemic, to which many countries are still finding a hard time to contain. Aside from this modern-day plague, we have always faced serious challenges over the years, but we just have not felt the urgency just yet to take action. One of these is the problem with climate change. Every year, climate pattern in different parts of the world is being disrupted. Thanks to human activities, we are producing too much heat and pollution, and the environment has no other choice but to react to these. In the end, it is us, humans, who will suffer the consequence.

You might probably heard about the record breaking start of the 2020 Atlantic Hurricane Season, which is not really good timing as we still have a deadly pandemic to deal with right now. However, early season forecasts are now starting to become a reality, and we haven’t arrived at the hurricane season’s peak yet. At this point in time, we should have already realized how important it is to think about the impacts of human activities to the climate.

More Intense Hurricane Landfalls Expected As Earth Heats Up

Earlier in June, we heard reports that the polar regions up north had experienced their hottest day yet since record keeping began. For a town in Siberia to experience a temperature as high as 28 degrees Celsius is very serious. Just imagine how fast the polar ice caps are melting at this rate. We have also not started to think about its effects on the global climate pattern as the supposedly coldest region in the world is apparently heating up fast.

And just like that, the Atlantic region has already recorded more than ten tropical cyclones in 2020, which is an impressive, albeit dangerous, feat. The fact that we have not gotten into the heart of the Atlantic Hurricane Season this year is even more concerning. A few weeks ago, we saw a powerful Category 4 Hurricane Laura strike the United States. In the coming weeks, we can expect another series of cyclones, probably as intense or even much more dangerous than Laura, to affect landmass.

We have the Internet to search about the impacts of our daily actions on the environment, and how it is us who will ultimately suffer because of our own doing. While you’re at it, you can also search some affordable senior exercise bikes for our own good.