Saving the Environment and Creating Faster Commute Time with e-Bikes

Electric Bikes or eBikes as what they are known are not new. But of course, we can’t deny that there are controversies surrounding them. Some are actually threatened with its growing popularity given the fact that it is not just good for the environment but also, it can help you avoid speed tickets.

The Stigma

Believe it or not, now is the better time to shop for an e-Bike. Having said that, the market is filled with tons of battery-powered bikes that come in all sorts of sizes and shapes. Startups and innovators are now seeking funding while several European companies are now pushing for wide varieties of hi-tech designs. On the other hand, major and established bike manufacturers are starting to embrace the potential of electric bikes and thus, starting to introduce their lineups.

While the pricing for e-Bikes are currently fluctuating, still you can get a solid and reliable built for less than a thousand bucks.

Needless to say, there are too many options that can be chosen and you certainly do not want to be tricked out. For that, here are few things that you must be mindful about.

Well for years, e-bikes from Europe were intended for the seniors. A lot of them were largely dependent on ebikes particularly in places similar to:

  • Copenhagen
  • Berlin and;
  • Amsterdam

These bikes are offered in a way to help elders to continue riding for years to come. And as such, it gives electric bikes the stigma that it is only for old folks. Manufacturers then started thinking of other methods to eliminate this notion and it seems that it is finally working. Now, young urban commuters are starting to give it a chance.

A Brave New Market

United States on the other hand does not have this perception but, it does have infrastructure and car problem. Because of this, just 4% is the total e-bike sells in the country.

Electric bikes are representing small percentage of overall bike market in US however, bikers are gradually coming around. Thus, it bump up the sales of electric bikes by a staggering 91% from 2016 to 2017 and then another 72% of the following year.