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Poland has a large number of natural and protected areas that are characterized by exemplary biodiversity. About a third of the state area consists of nature conservation and landscape protection areas.

Environmental protection in Poland

Numerous forest and moor areas, meadow and peat complexes as well as largely unregulated river and lake landscapes are home to numerous species of animal and plant life. Rare and endangered animal species such as white storks, bison and wolves find their habitat here.

The environmental situation in Poland has improved significantly in recent years. However, people are still struggling with the environmental policy failures of the past, especially in the areas of air, sewage and waste.

The main contact point for financing investments in the environmental field is the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management. Fees and penalties finance primarily the economic use of the environment and from fees for raw material extraction. Because polluters pay for the use of the environment, a constant funding volume for environmental investments is secured. The projects are now largely co-financed with the help of community funds from the EU.

People who want to work or study in Poland should know environmental protection laws before going. Aside from getting information on how to apply for digital nomad Poland, they need to be aware of the environmental protection policies.

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Why you should care about the environment

Protects ecosystem

The environment is what houses the ecosystem and helps it grow and thrive. If you don’t protect and take care of your environment, you endanger the lives of many animals, plants and crops, and even your own.

All of the ecosystems that make up the environment are closely interconnected. A single change in an ecosystem could completely change the dynamics created. There are many ways you can help your ecosystem and protect the environment.

Protects humanity

One of the main reasons why you must work to protect the environment is to protect humanity. Without the environment, you would have no place to live and no resources to live on.

Right now, many different factors are polluting the air, food, and even water. Fortunately, natural gas is on the rise in the US. It is a great resource to power your homes, businesses, schools, factories and more. This is a change you should drive if you want to create a better environment.

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