The Environment and Your House Paint

The environment has its way of communicating with us. It is all natural, from weather, season, even disaster. These factors affect buildings and houses.


Different seasons and weathers have impact on paints and coatings. It is essential for homeowners to consider the condition of weather before deciding to push through with a renovation or anything that is about building a house.

The sun might be an awesome thing for most of us, however, if the topic is paint and coatings, it will never be that awesome. Too much heat will destroy the quality of the binding agent a coating or a paint has. So if the pain will be applied during summer or in exposure to too much heat, expect that the paint will fade easily and immediately.

Now, you might be eliminating sunny days or summer season from your list before your house renovation. If paints and coating are not advisable to be applied during a hot day, would it be okay to be applied during rainy days. Of course not. It will be a lot worse applying a paint and coat during rainy season. If ever in the middle of a house painting job, it rains, you need to make sure that the surfaces are all dry before applying the paint again, or else, it will be flaky and will crack.

Too cold and too hot weather have bad effects. Too much humidity, too much heat, and too cool weather will make it difficult for the paint to stick to surfaces. It will make it thicker or if it is hot it will make the paint dry faster that will impact its long term benefits.

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