The Old School Shave, the Perfect Environmentally Friendly Shave

We recently bought one of these ominous and dangerous-looking safety razors. This sharp thing made of wood and metal, with interchangeable blades, used in combination with shaving soap and brush. That sounds old school, looks beautiful, and is good for the skin. The shaver was (almost) free of packaging in a small cardboard box with some paper shavings) including replaceable razor blades, which are stored in a small paper bag.

If you now compare the – sometimes luxurious prices for the plastic things that promise you the perfect shave, the investment in the safety razor from a one-off payment of around € 30 is incredibly cheap. The blades for replacement cost almost nothing and with good treatment (i.e. cleaning and dry storage) things feel like they last forever. In addition, they do not use emulsifiers or tensides based on PEG / PEG derivatives, which is particularly pleasing to the skin.

The safety razor is not only plastic-free and more sustainable than a system razor – but it also looks much better.

Cleaning your Old School Shaver

To clean the safety razor, simply screw it on briefly, hold it under the running water, remove all hairy residues, let it dry and keep it dry until the next shave and out of the reach of children. The blades are very sharp and should therefore not fall into the hands of children!

Alternatives to Shaving

Another and the convenient option for the safety razor is standard normal razors made of metal with replaceable blades. These do not come 100% without plastic, but for the most part they are made of other materials and also offer a reduced-waste variant for hair removal since the device is kept to itself and only the heads need to be replaced. These shavers are available in every drugstore and their use is exactly the same as the disposable thing. They look better and they are also better for ecological balance.

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Waxing or Sugaring

But of course, shaving is not the only way to let your hair fall in an environmentally friendly way. A great alternative is waxing or sugaring. Sugar paste and wax are biodegradable products, but require some practice in handling. For the perfect result, there are many studios that take care of it, the cheapest option is not, but one of the more effective ones, where you only have to worry about shaving every 3-4 weeks.

And for the sake of completeness, the possibility of simply not shaving should also be mentioned – the most ecological of all options, of course. I personally prefer my body to be hair-free, but that is up to everyone.